Best casinos in South Africa – Bonuses galore on thousands of games

The South African flag with the perfect Blackjack hand.

What people expect from a casino online today has evolved considerably over the last 20 years. Gone are the days where a selection of 30 games and a couple of payment methods are acceptable, customers want more. If you had an issue when online casinos first hit the market, you would send an email to the company and if you received a response within 14 days, you could count yourself lucky. Fortunately for customers, the industry has been one of continuous improvement and the quality we receive seems a life time away from what we used to get.

The games alone have come on leaps and bounds, graphics, game play and selection have all improved

The library of casino games that were available to South African players, and for that fact, players around the world, has grown immensely. If you’re new to the South African casino industry, you may not have gone through the times where a casino has a handful of slots and one or two options of the popular table games. Now, you log on and see hundreds or thousands of games offering some of the biggest jackpots in the world. It is not as generic either, there are different themes incorporated into different games depending on the sites themselves which raises the enjoyment level.

If you think that casinos have changed, the payment options have increased dramatically now

Gone are the days of payment by card and that is your only option. You still have the option of Visa, Mastercard and a few other, you can make and receive payment via different e-wallets available, bank transfer is a popular choice, although it does take longer than some of the other options around, and now you also have cryptocurrency as a strong option across a lot of the sites. Customers want a selection for the main reason, how they pay today, may change tomorrow, so the more methods available to players, the better.

The casino industry has made the world such a small place that you could be playing from many countries

If you are a South African customer, this does not mean that the online casino you will be playing at is based in South Africa. There are many i-gaming hubs around the world that cater for players of many different locations. A couple of examples would be the likes of Africasino who are based out of Curacao and Genesis Casino who are based out of Malta. Both of these casinos have built up a good South African customer base and deal in ZAR as a currency. The casino world does not stand still and that is only a good thing for its customers.

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